GetUp FedUp

GetUp FedUp is the platform for peace, transformation and information!!

#getupfedup WE COMIN’!!

Getup Fedup is a global activist movement that seeks to bring change thru power of economic initiatives!!

Money makes the world go around, so if you expect, want or demand any changes in a society, industry, system, etc., then you must inject an economic element into the equation. 

GetUp FedUp


  1. Globality 
  2. Economically
  3. Tranquillity
  4. Unbiased
  5. Policies/Progress/


  1. Financial
  2. Education
  3. Diversity
  4. Unequalness
  5. Politics/Privilege/Police/Prejudice 

People ~ Presence ~ Persistence ~ Power 

est. 2020

*Getup Fedup is a fluid enterprise that is in constant evolution