Revenue Streams for Creators

The Mosomixx platform will become the leading online destination for all Creators*, Indie n Unsigned artists. Why? You’ll get FEATURED~PROMOTED~PAID
  1. Most revenue streams^ available
  2. Own your own streaming audio and video channels. YOU KEEP 100% OF THE REVENUES YOU CREATE WITHIN THESE CHANNELS (These channels will also have MSMX Communications on the page which you will receive 50% of, so on your streaming channels you will possibly have 2 revenue streams.
  3. Highest revenue splits for creators (85/15 for your music, livestreams and merch sales; 50/50 for page views, audio n video plays)(90-95% in the future)
  4. Site created by a creator for the benefits of the creators and not the platforms that they are on
  5. From all your sales that are created you receive 85% of the revenues, including merch, video on demand, audio and video^^
  6. Mosomixx gives you a 50% share of the communications (advertising) revenues, from the revenue streams that we create, that your content brings in (page view, audio and video streams)
Promotion+ and Feature+ Opportunities
  1. Video and audio pre-roll placement on various pages
  2. Graphic and text links on various pages
  3. Audio, video, graphic and text placements on livestreams
  4. Audio, video, graphic and text placements on podcasts
*Creators – artists, musicians, photographers, videographers, writers, poets, beatmakers, producers, sketchers, painters, filmmakers, dancers, animators, illustrators, clothing brands, entrepreneurs, sole proprietors, designers, founders, etc., IF YOU’RE CREATING SOMETHING COOL, DIFFERENT, UNIQUE, REVOLUTIONARY OR JUST PLAIN NEEDED, GOOD FOR THE PLANET, MANKIND OR THE SOUL, THEN HOLLA AT ME!! ^ sales, page n post views, plays, streams, feeds (notifications), livestream shows, streaming video channel (like on TV or APP), streaming audio station, on demand content (audio, video and graphics) + Promotion and feature opportunities aren’t where you receive monetary compensation, but you do receive promo, exposure and benefits for these placements, so you can be placed on any page, post, stream, podcast, video and audio player at no cost to you (YEP FREE PROMO!!) (ONCE I GET MY SITE TO WHERE I WANT IT TO BE, THE COMMUNICATIONS (ads), PROMOTION AND OTHER OPPORTUNITIES ARE GOING TO BE INDUSTRY CHANGING!! (all to the benefit of the Creators) # – Communications: Mosomixx communicates, we don’t advertise to anyone or about anything. We communicate about F.A.M.L.E.E. (Fashion. Art. Music. Lifestyle. Entertainment. Events.), information, companies, brands, products, creators, drops, styles, what’s coming, what’s hot, culture, lifestyle, PEOPLE, SOCIETY, SOCIAL EQUALITY, THIS PLANET and much more!! ^^ 85/15 revenue splits are available now ** 50/50 revenue splits will be available June 2022 (if not sooner, we’re working on getting the right communications partners) FOR MORE INFO, PLEASE READ THE ABOUT PAGE here Peace, reggiemoso Communications ~ Community ~ Connections